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Day 29: ‘Twas the Night Before The Puppy Arrived

The title of this poem is a little tease! The title is creative on this post, but I hope I am not letting anyone down thinking that they were coming here to read a fun little poem! The title was the only creative thought flowing through my mind this late tonight!

Wow! It is 9:30PM and it is the first time I’ve been able to sit down all day. Tomorrow is a BIG day for our family. We are adding a new member to our family…our new puppy, Winston. The amount I have prepared for this puppy today has been INSANE! It reminds me of the couple days leading up to the birth of my children. I went into full on nesting mode, especially with my first child. I cleaned and organized my house the ENTIRE day before I went into labor. Today I feel like I relived that day, but the difference is I am brining home a puppy. I reorganized our kitchen area, moved some toys around, and cleaned and mopped the floors. Those were just some of the things I did to prepare today. I think we are ready…I THINK! I am not sure if I will ever be completely ready…but ready or not…here we go!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Day 29: ‘Twas the Night Before The Puppy Arrived

  1. Your title is certainly something that draws people into your blog! My wife has a co-worker who has an English Bulldog named Winston. What kind of a dog are you getting?

    Hooray for a new puppy! πŸ™‚


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