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Laughing With Lisa.

Welcome to my blog site, Laughing With Lisa! Here you will find stories about my everyday life, that will involve love, laughter, and learning! I am excited to share bits of my life with you!

Latest from the Blog

Day 31: The Last One

It’s been a thoughtful month! I enjoyed participating in my first ever Slice of Life Challenge. I went into it with an open mind! I really had a goal to become a more present and reflective person during this process, as well as improve my writing! I really enjoyed giving myself the opportunity to slow…

Day 30: Meet Winston

Today we welcomed our sweet pup into our family. My husband and I spent half the day driving to pick him up. The kids are absolutely in love with him! They spent the majority of the afternoon playing with him! My (almost) 1.5 year old daughter was practically crying because she was so excited! Honestly,…

Day 29: ‘Twas the Night Before The Puppy Arrived

The title of this poem is a little tease! The title is creative on this post, but I hope I am not letting anyone down thinking that they were coming here to read a fun little poem! The title was the only creative thought flowing through my mind this late tonight! Wow! It is 9:30PM…

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