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Day 30: Meet Winston

Today we welcomed our sweet pup into our family. My husband and I spent half the day driving to pick him up. The kids are absolutely in love with him! They spent the majority of the afternoon playing with him! My (almost) 1.5 year old daughter was practically crying because she was so excited! Honestly, I don’t have any other words! I think the pictures say enough!

Meet Winston. (Mini Bernedoodle)


8 thoughts on “Day 30: Meet Winston

  1. P.S. I’m a puppy mom for a service dog. The biggest thing they tell you at the beginning is that housebreaking is really a matter of people training. Take him outside every 15-20 minutes. Put him in the same place in the yard and say the same thing. With service dogs, we say, “Get busy.” Also take him out every time he eats, every time he wakes up, and every time he’s been playing hard. If you need anything else, you are welcome to email me

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