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Day 31: The Last One

It’s been a thoughtful month! I enjoyed participating in my first ever Slice of Life Challenge. I went into it with an open mind! I really had a goal to become a more present and reflective person during this process, as well as improve my writing! I really enjoyed giving myself the opportunity to slow down and find the good in each moment throughout this month. I also enjoyed reading so many different slices. It really pushed me and encouraged me to be a better writer. Thank you to everyone who read my posts! Some of you commented everyday and that was so nice of you! Have a great rest of the school year!


3 thoughts on “Day 31: The Last One

  1. >It really pushed me and encouraged me to be a better writer.<

    This is what I've always loved about the Challenge, that we are all writers, yet, our styles are so different! It's good to see something new, to try something new, and to push yourself to become a better all-round writer!

    I'm glad you've had a great first Challenge! I hope your family (Winston included) has a great rest of the year!

    But most of all, I hope we do see you on Tuesdays! šŸ™‚


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