Day 23: Being the Parent in a P/T Conference

Parent/teacher conferences always bring about nerves for me.  I don’t know why, but I truly think it is just because I care about my students, and I want the parents to see that shine through. Before I became a parent, I always wondered if the parents were nervous to meet with me, their child’s teacher.  Today I have my son’s preschool parent/teacher conference. I know he is doing well in school, and I do not have any concerns, but for some reason I can’t help but feel a little nervous. Why is that? I think it is just the anticipation of what she is going to say. It’s so different being on the receiving end of the information, and not the one giving the information.

Several hours later…

I knew there was nothing to worry about. I am proud of all she had to say about my son as a person and a learner. Will this lessen my worries for future parent/teacher conferences? Knowing me, probably not! But as long as they are working to their fullest potential, following directions, and are respectful is what truly matters to me!

6 thoughts on “Day 23: Being the Parent in a P/T Conference

  1. I am the same way! I get so nervous too. If they don’t know, I never offer up that I am a teacher. I guess because I don’t want them to think I am judging them as a peer, as I wouldn’t want that as well as I don’t ever want them to think.. “You’re a teacher and your daughter isn’t a stellar reader or doesn’t know her sight words” or whateve. I never think that of my teacher parents but makes me nervous when I am the parent!
    Glad it went well as you knew it would.. Nothing to be nervous about-until next year 🙂

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  2. I agree! They are nerve-wracking on both ends! I guess it’s just not knowing what the other end will say, and fearing some sort of criticism or unpleasant surprise? I don’t know! I wish it wasn’t this way, and I wonder how, as teachers and parents, we can each make it more pleasant for the other side!

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  3. i have parent-teacher conferences coming up tomorrow, so it’s such a helpful reminder that the parents are probably feeling as nervous as I am. I love the juxtaposition of “I can’t help but feel a little nervous.” with “I knew there was nothing to worry about. ” Hopefully that’s a shift that happens for most parents over the course of the conference.

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  4. >Parent/teacher conferences always bring about nerves for me.<

    Having taught my own daughters and been on the other side of that conference desk, it never gets easy. You are always prepared for the "oh your daughter did this" or "I wish your daughter would". However, you know your kids, their strengths and weaknesses. It's good to get that validation you are on the right track, but also have other eyes see what they can do better!

    No, it never gets easier, but it's always an adventure! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with us today!


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