Day 22: To My Daughter

To My Sweet Baby Girl:

“It’s a girl!” It was such a wonderful surprise the day you were born! You stole all our hearts the moment we met you. You are Daddy’s mini me with big brown eyes and auburn colored hair, but you’re definitely a Mommy’s girl at heart. I secretly love it that you always want to be with your Mommy!  My sweet, Harper, you complete our family in the most perfect way. 

I knew your brothers would be good to you, but you pretty much have them wrapped around your finger. They will do anything for you! Your brother, Theo, wants to carry you all over the house, although you’re only a fan of that when he’s getting you out of your crib or to help you up on something.

You have brought our family loads of happiness. Your favorite things to do are give the tightest hugs, DANCE like crazy, and snack! I think you try to eat four granola bars a day. They are your absolute favorite! 

You started crawling and walking a little later than your brothers did when they were your age, but that was okay with me, because I truly want to freeze time and keep you my baby forever. I look at you each night while rocking you and I think, if only I could pause time. It is such a wonderful age you are at, because you are learning so many things so quickly. You are starting to say several words, and you just do the cutest and funniest things! For instance, when you eat something you really enjoy you rub your belly and say, “mmmmmm!”

Even though I want you to always stay little, I do look forward to our Mommy and daughter day dates in the future! It’s so exciting to think of everything you will become! I love you forever and ever my baby girl!

Love always,


6 thoughts on “Day 22: To My Daughter

  1. Yes! That moment when you look down and wish you could pause time. I always feel that way about my boys, but there’s that specific age where the urge is much stronger! You’ve captured that beautifully.

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  2. I love these letters. There’s a personal feel to each (as there should be) that just makes your heart warm! Those Mommy and daughter dates are important to keep the connection between you strong! 🙂

    Thank you for allowing us into your head, again! 🙂

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  3. What a sweet letter to your daugher! My favorite part- “you rub your tummy and say mmmmmmm”. As a parent, I love taking a step back to watch their personalities and special traits. It’s so beautiful. Writing them down is even better so that you can remember them forever, as well as get to share this with her one day!

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