Day 9: Dear Son…

Tuesday, March 9th

Dear (oldest) son: 

You are our gentle giant. You’re tall and strong, but sweet and sensitive. You may be quiet at times, but it doesn’t stop your determination and drive to accomplish your goals. It’s amazing to see how hard you work at just the young age of 6!  

You ask a million questions a day, and are always determined to figure out things you may not understand. I can’t get over how nosey you are for just a 6 year old. Your Dad and I haven’t been able to have a conversation for a while without you chiming in. 

When you were born in 2014 never in a million years would I think you’d have to start your education virtually. I remember so clearly the months leading up to the start of Kindergarten you being so excited about going to the “big” school in our neighborhood, and walking to school with the neighbors. It broke my heart when I told you that you’d have to start school virtually. Your flexibility, resilience, and easy going personality helped make the situation easier.

In January, you began hybrid learning where you attended school 2x a week for a half a day each.You finally got to meet your teacher and some classmates in person. I remember your excitement leading up to that day. You had so many stories to share about the people you met, your classroom, and the whole school. 

Today you start going to school 4x a week for a half a day each. You will meet more classmates, and I look forward to hearing the stories you share tonight at dinner. I am excited that the experience of kindergarten is becoming just a little more normal for you. I am so proud of you. I am so proud of how hard you worked during this challenging situation. When the going got tough, you never gave up. I am excited to see where you learning continues to take you this year and for the many years to come. 

Love always, 


8 thoughts on “Day 9: Dear Son…

  1. Awww. I love this letter to your son. What a great way to memorialize this crazy year. I picture him as an adult and taking out this letter to share with his own children so that he can teach them about the pandemic.

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  2. Hi, This is so lovely and must be saved for when your son is older. I have a few notebooks of letters I wrote to my children. I wish I had done this for faithfully for all three. I was much better with the first two. I just happened upon them recently. My oldest daughter is now 29 and what a treasure these letters are. She knows how completely loved she was (and is.) Your letter does the same. Nice to pull out when they are adolescents too, perhaps on a day when they aren’t feeling the love.

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  3. Oh my goodness – my baby is starting kindergarten next year. Your slice brought all the feels and I have thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on your experiences – looking forward to dinner conversations!

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  4. I love that you wrote this slice as a letter. A beautiful choice of structure. I especially relate to the kindergartener starting remote after such high hopes for the big school and the nosey child syndrome. There are zero non-overheard adult conversations in this house!

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  5. >I am so proud of you. I am so proud of how hard you worked during this challenging situation. <

    This. This is it for me. That one sentence could be your whole blog and it would be just right. I love the letter, the things you wrote, and that you are proud of him.

    I hope he feels this today, tomorrow, and forever. What a special letter he'll have to come back to.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, there's dust in my eyes! 🙂

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